Tixel is a novel thermal fractional skin rejuvenation system covering the treatment spectrum of ablative CO₂ and non-ablative lasers. In ablative mode deep or shallow channels are created. In non-ablative mode Tixel transfers heat to the upper dermis while sparing the epidermis thus generating permeable channels with effective transdermal transfer to hydrophilic molecules.

Based on Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) technology, the Tixel impacts the targeted tissue almost identically to fractional CO₂ and erbium lasers, however with low pain, safely and at a fraction of the size and cost of a laser. Analgesic creams are not required. Healing is fast and down time short.

Tixel offers a new dimension in compactness, ergonomic design, and operating comfort to its users who will also benefit from significant cost savings in equipment, maintenance, operating costs and in floor space.


Very different from bulky, complex and expensive aesthetic modalities such as CO₂ and erbium laser devices, Novoxel’s Tixel is a light portable device. The handpiece is small and light weight. Unlike lasers, Tixel has no optics, no high power circuits, no scanners and no water pumps; Tixel does not radiate light and does not present eye-safety hazards. Furthermore, Tixel ablation is smoke and particle free and therefore does not require the use of smoke evacuators or protective dust masks. Tixel achieves the right level of tissue coagulation without any bleeding.

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The product is not approved for marketing in the USA.